The Best Man Speech – 3 Important Things to Never Do When Presenting the Best Man Speech

Exactly what do I put in a fabulous best man speech? What if not anyone laughs at my jokes? Can I discuss that party in Las Vegas that no one else is aware about? Let’s suppose I make a fool of myself when in front of all those people?

These are all thought processes that went through my mind after I was sought after to be the best man at my brother’s wedding ceremony. Being the best man wasn’t a lot of work, but the need to give the best man speech when in front of all those guests is what kept me up through the night.

When the big event neared, it absolutely was easy to postpone. “It is going to come to me,” I assumed. The days and months passed, and the bachelor party was over and well, lo and behold, the best man speech never ever seemed to “appear to me” as I’d predicted.

The day of the actual marriage ceremony arrived and I had not carried out one tiny bit of groundwork for the best man speech. I didn’t actually quite realize when I was supposed to present my best man speech, and also I was not particularly sure of the actual etiquette involved. Consequently, that day, I frantically wrote down a small number of humorous items on a napkin, figuring I could possibly “wing” the rest of the speech.

Being comfortable that I could quite possibly ad lib the majority of the presentation based on the napkin information, we made it through the wedding ceremony and went to the wedding reception.

To be able to calm my nervous feelings, I chugged a number of beers thinking that that this may aid my big performance in front of each and every one of those attendees. One beer led to an additional, and before you knew it, I appeared to be a bit more than buzzed.

Still uncertain of when I had been believed to stand up and speak, the father of the new bride tapped me on the shoulder letting me know that it was most likely about the proper time to present the best man speech.

“Holy crap!” is pretty much what ran through my head. It’s time already (as if I failed to have a ton of time to start preparing!)?

I ceremonially rung the cup and established that I wanted everyone’s attention. Talk about a race of uneasiness. Pretty much all eyes in the room were upon me, wanting me to generate a landmark best man speech!

Well, needless to say, I was so unprepared and scared, that I think that most of what came out of my lips was the bride and grooms name and how happy I was for them. Also, I managed to speak about the evening in Las Vegas, and no one was amused with that little adventure.

If it had been even memorable at all, it was mainly because of how dull, bad and predictable it ended up being. I merely wish I had a second opportunity to get it right. However those second chances do not come about very frequently.

So, from my personal experience, I can inform you that three things which a best man SHOULD NOT DO for a best man speech are:

1. Not even prepare yourself

2. Drink a lot prior to presenting the speech, and

3. Discuss any kind of stories that should not be discussed

Take it from me, be ready – it’s still humiliating to this day to even see someone from the wedding ceremony, and it might have been totally averted.

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